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Who is Equinox Collection Services?


If you have been contacted or something has shown up on your credit report by Equinox Collections regarding a debt, please call

Toll Free: (866) 337.9736 for service


Equinox Collection Services, Inc. is a separate but closely allied collection agency partner with NorthStar Technologies, a leading provider of free bad check collection.

In cases where NorthStar cannot recover NSF checks, of if there is a stop payment or closed account check, the debt collection process can be seamlessly moved to Equinox for secondary check collection efforts.

Equinox is a full service collection agency that works with a wide range of businesses throughout the United States.  Services offered through Equinox include:     

  • Demand letters

  • Collection phone calls

  • District Attorney intervention for bad check writers

  • Credit bureau reporting

  • Skip tracing 

  • Wage garnishment

  • Litigation with some of the best U.S. collection attorneys

  • Upload your accounts on-line or in an electronic format

  • If Equinox cannot collect, you are not charged

  • There is a 65/35 split on all receivables debt

  • Secondary bad check collection is an even 50/50 split 

  • Inexpensive collection letters are also available


You can start the process NOW!


From large institutions such as hospitals to small business owners and landlords, NorthStar and Equinox have the right tools to help businesses recover virtually any type of debt.


If you have further questions about the services offered by NorthStar or Equinox, feel free to contact me.



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